About Us

We all are concerned with the way the world is moving forward. Issues related to environment, health and future sustainability need to be taken seriously so that we can look forward to a comfortable and promising future. Right leadership and motivation is needed to create a crucial positive change in the present world scenario. Education and right services are some of the best assistances one can use to achieve the goal of sustainable life style.

Started by an IIT’ian, who believes that saving and optimum use of resources is the key for a better future, Global Evolutionary Energy Design, GEED is an organization that aims at building a better and a greener tomorrow.

We at GEED believe that optimum usage of resources and savings is the key for a better future.

“Our aim is to bring specialized energy services into main stream market and make the world understand that mitigation process to climate change is only achieved if everyone does his share "


"Global Energy Design, along with Developers, Architect and HVAC consultants is committed to work for energy efficient and Low Carbon foot print buildings. And to educate and work with organisations to bring about a change in the world scenario by pushing better policies and cotinously updating our clients, partners and associates with latest development in efficient technologies."